that time a strange black man accosted me

I was shoveling snow and the stranger, a big guy, tapped me on the shoulder and scared the crap out of me. I was out of breath and hadn't been paying attention to my surroundings.

"Give me that shovel," he demanded.

I tried to argue with him, but no. "Humor me.  No way I can stand by and watch you do that." He grabbed the shovel--I think he pulled it from my hands--and finished uncovering our walk, the sidewalk in front of the house, and the car. It took a while because there was a lot of snow. When he was done, he handed back the shovel and walked off without another word.

I was nine months pregnant at the time and trying to get that baby out. I felt was a total hormonal mess of resentment and gratitude.

I never saw him again.


  1. Wow. That's a real shame. You were probably traumatized for life.

  2. I did have to jump up and down to get that dang labor started.


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