echo chamber

I realized today why I don't blog here--nothing to do with the fact that no one comments. I never did this blog for the comments...I usually did it to avoid work or to air my opinions.

I'm tarred of opinions. I'm tarred of comments and people being tarred of things, sick and tarred. Tarred, tarred, tarred. Internet burnout. That includes my own opinions, as it turns out. I keep starting to write things and then stop because hey If I don't care what I think, why would anyone else?

spoiler: no one, except molly the dog who waggles her big ears and stares deep into my eyes every time I say a word. And that's freaky after a while.

My response isn't 11 on the  scale of screamingly negative, more meh... Definitely not HEY NO BLEH. because HEY NO BLEH shows up on the comment thread on any article in any part of the internet and I wish to avoid that.

HEY NO BLEH is a kick or a slap because people are wrong or you think they're wrong or they are mean or they are rude or they are trying to be funny and they're not or they are being too serious when the topic is just funny (lighten up for god's sake) or they are clueless or they are off-topic or they are sexist/racist/ageist.

and the kick or slap response to the stupidity--it turns into part of the endless emotionfest. It turns the convo up to 12 every time.

Goats still rock. They're not a passing thing, not like owls or raccoons.

And my chickens are fine, thank you.  C3 is more than fine. That hero hen lays an egg every single day of the week. I worry about the poor girl. I wish the others would take up the slack. She is the best chicken ever. The other two could use some lessons on having a pleasant personality and on laying eggs.


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