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My dog is pathetic with her ears pinned to the top of her head--and she's wearing the cone of shame 24/7.  She's 11 and a little ga-ga, but she's our pup and she spent all of her time shaking her head, floop floop, with that damn ear filled with goop. Eww. Many hundred dollars later, she's got her ears pinned.

 * * *

I have another book doing the amazon countdown soon. The Earl, a Girl and a Promise will be 99 cents starting Christmas Day. You are warned. You'll get to load it onto your new Kindle. And the Countdown Fun is Over. My last one didn't sell worth beans.

* * * 

I'm listening to Parasite by Mira Grant and I wish that Mike was listening too. He'd rant "no way! No!" all the time.

The personal stuff is interesting but the heroine is sort of a dope. Come on, we knew The Big Truth all along. I knew as soon as that whole drums, hot-warm stuff started. Chapter one, I knew. No, I knew before the book started because of the back-copy description. Face up to the truth and really, while we're on the topic, stop whining too, Sal. And no more blinking. STOP BLINKING.

Wait, maybe we're wrong about what We Know? Hmmm. This could be interesting. . . . and . . .  No. We were right.

I'm not sure why she's so special when there are a bunch of others like her. Maybe I'll find out soon? Why are all these people interested in her? Why did her one good friend turn out to be a skeev? Waaaah...I liked that character a lot.

Despite the kvetching, I like this YA-ish book. It's fun. I'm having trouble turning it off and having a life. I'm not the microbiologist so the science stuff isn't driving me bananas. And I actually like Sal/Sally even though she gets upset all the time. All. The. Time.  No, really, I do like her.


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