That last post was boring. Let's try again

Ever notice the quotes pulled from people's books on Twitter? I have. Almost always, the little bit of the book seems dumb. I follow a bunch of romance writers so the words are usually about a kiss or a moment of high drama. The quotes are supposed to intrigue you enough to hit the link and go buy a book. It hasn't worked for me. Maybe 140 characters (plus link) isn't enough to draw people in? Or that tiny moment isn't affecting all by itself.

Wait, I'm wrong about it not working for me. Here's the one exception: “Lord Maccon was built like a brick outhouse, with opinions twice as unmoving and often equally full of crap.”
Gail Carriger, Blameless

I read that and actually ended up buying the book...and then the series.

Maybe if all the quotes were brought together they'd look better? I'm going to try that--just grab a quote when I see it and add it to the list.

I'd say authors should stick to tweeting taglines.


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