I waited and waited for this Sandra Brown book (Low Pressure) and now that I'm a few chapters in, I might switch back to Carl Hiaasen.

Brown is known for her alpha heroes but this guy is mostly a sulky jerk. The chip on his shoulder is almost the sum of his personality.

The heroine is also sort of a blank person, and her motivation for writing a book (called Low Pressure...hey!) screams Plot Device. No, I don't mind the fact that the character is a best-selling author, although it sounds like her book, a novel based on true events (and she didn't have to do research since they were her true events) is a mystery with a mooshy ending. Nope. That's okay--I'm more annoyed by the stereotype of skanky sister who had it coming. And there are some instances of deus ex machina stuff that is getting on my nerves.

My money is on mom, and if I'm right, I might have to give up on Sandra Brown forever. If it gets more clever, I'll forgive and forget and wait for the next one, of course.


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