So did the Californians beat American Airlines and make it back? Concerned cousins want to know.

With each passing hour of email hassle, my hatred of Outlook and the new poor excuse of Outlook Express expands. I loathe trying to work with Outlook more than I hate stepping on slugs with bare feet. (I'm the one with bare feet. The slugs, as you know, have no feet.).

I hate Outlook even more than when the slug goo gets between the toes. You know know how you scrub and scrub and never get that slippery slug-gly layer off? I hate trying to battle Outlook even more.


  1. In college, a slug once got into our apartment sink. I picked it up and put it outside, kindhearted dipshit that I am, and it slimed all over my palm.

    The slime looked like a raised welt, and at first that's what I believed it to be. Eventually, I calmed down and realized it was something I could scrub off. Which I did. With Ajax and a brillo pad.

  2. I just sent you an email about that project - do you have it?

  3. Anonymous12:51 AM

    we did get back. My one and only boy and I went pretty crazy in the little cubby hole next to the engine they stuck us in. Fortunately we were against the toilet compartment and everyone else was asleep, so no one noticed our sudden loss of sanity when the engines revved up. Otherwise I think they would have brought the tranquilizer gun out of the special compartment overhead they didn't let us put our bags in.

    Your sister in law.

    I think 2 bedrooms and the screen room would have been fine if it weren't for the RAIN. I liked the boats and the lake, and you and family and Imagine if and all the blueberries we wanted to eat.


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