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I'm big on community service that's easy to do. We're lazy concerned citizens. Here's the best one, evah. Great results with virtually no work.

You get pleased community sorts at the end of it, and proud kids preening themselves on a job well-done--and it is well done, but also? Ridiculously, truly easy. I'm talking really, really simple.

I think I'll eventually post pictures of the drive over the years. In the meantime, our seven e.p. steps.

1. Compose flier. (hardest part, so get kids to do it.)

here is this year's:
In the summer, the local food pantry runs low on supplies.Every summer for 9 years

(give or take a year we kinda didn’t get around to it)
the people of Our Road—that means YOU--have helped the pantry during its toughest season. We’ll pick up donations SUNDAY, AUGUST 17, noon-ish.

Of course, you can always give more food than will fill this bag. We’ll take it all!
If you want us to pick up your donation any time/day this week other than Sunday, give us a call at .... and we’ll come right to your door. Remember, the food pantry wants non-perishable foods, and only unopened containers. They are also looking for toiletries and paper goods.The food pantry reports that this year they’re especially low on:

2. call pantry to finish the list of what they need. (no, wait. On second thought, if you can, get Jon to call. He's good at that.) and add to flier. Get little kids to draw pictures. They're cute.
3. Steal grocery bags from hoarder husband's secret stock in the basement.
4. Print buncha fliers and make the kids staple them to bags.
5. Have kids deliver the bags to everyone on block
. or if you have older kids, do as much of the road as they can manage.
6. On date promised, pick up food. You drive. The kids walk and haul the food to the car. You can use a wagon for pick up if you want, but like I said, we're lazy. Make it a Sunday so neighbors are around but you don't have to drive around with sacks 'o' food for more than an couple of hours
7. Take food out of car to make kids pose for picture. then put food back in. (second hardest part)
8. Monday, deliver food.

Ta da.

And when the kids whine about not having anything to write about for their "What I Did Last Summer" essay, point out they can write about the time they stepped on the yellow jacket or about their very own food drive. Turns out to also good to list somewhere on their college applications.


  1. awesome idea! truly!

  2. love it, Kate! bebe's a little young yet for this kind of project...but I'm gonna keep it in mind.


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