Note to self about next year: two bedrooms really aren't enough for 9 people. Especially when there's rain every day and every night. The sleep porch and couches aren't enough. More bedrooms. More. Bedrooms. More bathrooms, too.

Note to anyone who might be emailing me. It's not working. I can't get outlook to pay any attention to me. I guess it got scared by the hundreds of messages and refuses to come out of hiding. gmail is all I'll use. All of my computing is going wonky and it's taking minutes and minutes to get this written/posted instead of seconds.

Note to the dog: I'm sorry. I won't leave you again. We missed you too. Boy1 called and left a message. Hope you heard it..


  1. The dog forgives you. They always do.

  2. Isn't that amazing? They really do. She reassures me that she's just glad we didn't leave forever.

  3. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Boy 2 - did he call you? He said he would. All is well here... in the rain.... Weather forecast? Rain, rain, more rain. But boy 1 & boy 4 are keeping busy in that weird way that they do. Yes, my boy is boy 4 - for this week at least.

  4. YES, he did, THANK YOU! He says the island is great but that the ferry sank and you all died no, wait you're being held hostage by an invading army and that the island is being taken over juntas and whatnot constantly. Coups every few minutes. Ask him about it. (It was to make boy 3, aka Abandoned Soul, feel better)


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