IN A NUTSHELL by the inarticulate nut

I'll do Lyn's meme tomorrow, yessiree. but first. This is the Unleashed Challenge 101, aka, just the basics:

The challenge is actually composed of two parts, the page count and the fund-raiser.

PART ONE: Go to the unleashed site. This part is free. That’s where you compete with Macomber and generally have fun about writing (although the prizes will be awarded for fund-raising, not page count). Starting September 1, we’re going to have a post a day at that site about the challenge of writing, including some from agents and editors, I think. I hope. You can skip this step and go onto

PART TWO: the fund raising portion, which is directly through cystic fibrosis foundation. We authors didn’t want to fool around with actual money and CFF has a great system for collecting the money AND for keeping track of donations for us, so we can award the prizes. (CFF is giving prizes too, like an 80 gig Ipod) You can donate one of three ways:
1. Go through the links found at

2. You can join my team here.

3. You can start your own team or join as an individual. The direct CFF address for the unleashed event is here.

If you’re doing PART ONE you send your:
writing goals to:
Pages to read goal to:
Any questions?

Hey, listen, you can also go to my CFF page and just dump money into my account without joining any team thing. Be a backer! A supporter! Support CFF! (and be someone who helps me not look like a big ol' loozer.)


  1. Great idea and initiative. Give me a few days to get settled and I'll see what I can do!

  2. You're home! Welcome back.


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