calling all pundits

What does it mean about us?
The results of the new Pew Survey on News Consumption (taken every two years and released this afternoon) suggest that viewers of the “fake news” programs "The Daily Show"and "The Colbert Report" are more knowledgeable about current events (as judged by three test questions) than watchers of “real” cable news shows hosted by Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly and Larry King, among others -- as well as average consumers of NBC, ABC, Fox News, CNN, C-SPAN and daily newspapers.
Pundits Time to roll up your sleeves and tell us that the mainstream media is worthless. But what about overlap--the people who watch regular news and the Daily Show. No mention of that.

Okay, I have to go write the sex stuff.


  1. Does this mean my lust for Jon Stewart is intellectually satisfying too? Nicely played, me.

  2. Yes, you have the best of all possible lusts, except maybe the actually getting to indulge in some funny business type.


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