new, slightly dangerous addiction

chile verde peppers stuffed with feta cheese and pickled. Ow, yum, ow., yum. Almost as addictive as wasabi peas--a lot messier. Oooooo, I want some. Now.


  1. yeah, CJ, it's like the first time you eat an olive and like it. Or maybe cilantro or some other difficult food. The new appreciation is A Revelation.

    Of course now that all the visitors have gone away, I no longer have the craving for spicy stinky food. Correlation? Unconscious, really.

  2. We used to have a vegetable stand nearby which sold a lot of locally pickled produce. They had these wonderful stuffed eggplants. The eggplants were tiny, maybe two inches long, and I have no idea what they stuffed them with, but they were wonderfully vinegary, with a strong oregano flavor. Greek idea, I think. Yours sounds delish too.


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