I formed a team

Come on, you guys. So far the team consists of me. There is no I in TEAM! Don't make me the only ME in TEAM! Etc.

Here's the official CFF-generated email you'd get if I had your email address and could ruthlessly track you down:

Kate Rothwell is trying to make "CF" stand for "Cure Found!" Visit Kate's Unleash Your Story Home Page at http://www.cff.org/LWC/KateRothwell! NOTE: If link looks broken, cut and paste ENTIRE link into address bar. If you are presented with a "Find A Fund-raiser" page, enter Kate's first and last name and click on "Submit". Then click "View" in the results list to go to "Kate Rothwell's Unleash Your Story Home Page."

And don't forget. Good writer-y/reader-y/author-y prizes. If my team wins anything, I don't get to keep the prizes but YOU DO.


  1. you're such a pain in the ass to visit - lol. I'll TRY to do this.

    oh, by the way - you've been meme tagged. :) it's on my blog. sowwy.

    turnabout is fair, right? - lol


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