personalitiez are us

feeeeelings, nothing more than feeeeeeeeeelings.

The part of writing I love best are peeps. Foibles and anecdotes that's what I'm adore--but I write fiction.

For politics? No, uh-uh, tired of that. I'm with that voter education ad that mocks people who vote for the candidate with the nice smile or the one who loves his wife or who pets kitty cats. I can't find that ad. But damn, this totally-unrelated-to-my-point Onion one is great! Mention swing states to seem smarter! Print out I Voted sticker!


Give me boring facts and no thanks to the bits of the guy totally unrelated to his job. I want know a guy's voting record and don't care about his relationship with his God. (Well, unless, of course, he worships at a shrine that kills all non-believers and requires a yearly sacrifice of babies.)

I read this article with deep feeeeeeling
ranging from being pissed off at McCain to annoyance at the author. It contains information that's worth knowing. The author has watched and written about McCain for years. But a lot of it? Dude. It contains hearsay and, worse, her choice of words occasionally show the author's acrimony.

Bits like Cindy McCain looks like a Stepford Wife, give me the skeevies when I see them outside a blog. We all have to be sick of particular image for one thing. (and just because I happen to think it's accurate doesn't mean I think it's worth pointing out.) Hey, McCain might have been tired that night. That whole prescription drug crap with Cindy was horrendous, but just the facts are enough. No need to do more than show us the picture. Don't tell us what we're supposed to think of the details.

I can kind of see why the mainstream might think twice about Silverman's input. She really, really, really doesn't like McCain--and if she has an agenda, she doesn't do it any favors with bitter hostility. Some of her background info is damning enough without the added poison of personalities.

At least Silverman wrote it first person, making it clear it was almost as much about her, the reporter who'd followed McCain for years, as McCain himself. Maybe if I read it as a blog piece I wouldn't be annoyed. It's exactly what I expect from a blog, after all. All about the writer's response to ________ more than the actual ______ itself. Hey! Just like everything I've written in the last five minutes.


  1. hmm - thanks, I think - truly - I hadn't verbalized what you said, but I'm sure I was thinking it if I was nodding (not nodding off) while reading it.


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