I'm going to do real life for a time. Maybe a week. We'll soon have guests and be doing Stuff.

I have to post a blog article somewhere else--another place that doesn't get comments. Great. This writing notes to "no one who may be concerned" is a downer after a while. (No, I know it's not your job to entertain me. I don't blame YOU of course.)

The bat is still hanging upside-down in a kid's room. Bats don't bother me, usually. But L's family down the street is currently getting the series of shots. The bat that got in their house last week had rabies. It's bad enough to have to get punctured over and over, turns out you have to go to the emergency room to get the shots on days 1, 3, 14, 28 ER...There're a few days of your life sucked into the void, waiting.

Okay, enough rambling. I'm off. I'll be back.

Before I go, I have to post something over at passionate prose. Eventually.** First I think I'll go get the broom and see if I can do some bat herding. Heh. I was the one who coaxed him into the room last night. All the men I live with were too scared and hid behind closed doors, including my husband.

**Okay, done. it's this year's RWA scandal as interpreted by someone who's not there and isn't getting reports of the event.


  1. Bat rabies? I thought you had to be bitten? Was the whole family bitten? That is scary. My ex got ocular histoplasmosis from a bat. He used to go into caves and swat them with tennis rackets and now, he's GOING BLIND. Serious, blind as a bat. Somehow I laugh, but it's not funny and yet it is because it's MY EX. Anyway, he called me and I had to get tested. Umm, the point of the story. Yes. Bats. Scary. Be careful. Please write back about the family and yours. I'm worried. Can you call Animal Control? Off to read about the scandal now but the bats are in my frontal lobe floating around germinating. I know. I need a good shrink.

  2. The family down the street slept in the house with the bat, which got broomed to death by accident in the morning. They don't know if they got bitten. Since it's got that 100 percent fatality rate, better safe than dead is the standard way to deal with a confirmed case of rabies on the premises.

    That's the second rabid bat that's gotten into their house. Lucky them. (They didn't get shots for the first one because they were awake the whole time that one visited)

    My friend reports that getting a shot means getting about six shots per session. That's because doctors inject all over your body so the serum gets into all parts of the you (since if the family got bitten they don't know where)

    No shots for us. We didn't get our bat tested because it zoomed out into the night eventually. I hope.

  3. Thanks for reporting back, and I'm glad your bat is gone. My condolences to the poor family undergoing the shot regime. I don't know what is with these rabid bats. We have had some a little south of us too. They are freaking me out.

  4. Rabies shots. *shiver* And I thought tetanus was bad. (Saw a case of tetanus in med school. Wow.)

    It's my job to entertain you. Come over and watch my videos.

  5. Diane Farr1:48 PM

    You are NOT writing notes to nobody, or whatever you said. (Hey, there's a great blog name.) We're just quiet types.

    BTW, I loved your "13 Things" about me so much that I just posted a link on my web site. So now your traffic will jump exponentially. (Yeah, right!)

  6. rabies shots - UGH - condolances to that family...seriously.

    sorry I didn't get any scandalous reports back to you last week...the time flew...I was back in Midwestern scorching weather before I knew what had hit me.

    missed you, though! :)


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