I like that word, slacker. It just has a nice feel or rhythm in the mouth. drawn out 'ssssssslaa' and then a quick tough end 'ker'


It's the heat, officer. That's why the house looks so used, the blog and writing are ignored, the contest entries aren't touched. The children's eyes are turning into rectangles because of the hours of computer/television time they're putting in. I wonder if slacking is occuring all over the heat-stricken zone. I bet productivity on the East Coast has gone to hell.

But look, I'm achieving despite myself. [promo alert!] Bam likes the latest Summer Devon even though--as she points out--it has all the depth and heaviness of a souffle. Hey, Many of Us enjoy souffles now and again.

I really like the review. (It's a B and Summer refuses to acknowledge anything less than an A++ ). Bam really does think about books, which is a big compliment to writers.

And despite the heat, I'm actually doing work, sort of. Nothing strenuous. Ari and I are doing a workshop online starting September 5. I have to read books, and cruise the internet to steal quotes and ideas** for it (with attribution!!! Jeez, what do you think I am?).****

Here's the official announcement:

On-Line Workshop by Summer Devon and Arianna Hart
How to put the HOT in your erotic romance manuscript.

Summer Devon and Arianna Hart are offering a month-long on-line workshop that will make the pages of your erotic romance manuscript sizzle. These two veterans of erotic romance will cover such topics as:

The difference between romance and erotic romance.
Igniting the sparks between your characters
Building and maintaining sexual tension

We’ll help you with your specific erotic romance writing needs.

Summer Devon is the pseudonym of Kate Rothwell, award-winning author of historical romance. As Summer Devon, Rothwell writes erotica for Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing and has a novella with Pocket Books coming out this winter.
Arianna Hart has 10 novels and novellas published with Ellora’s Cave as well as Samhain Publishing. A reviewer from "Loves Romance" describes her as “. . .a gifted and talented storyteller that draws the reader in and weaves a spell around you.”

Holy crap. I just went to look and it's already listed at the Charter Oak RWA site and we only sent in the description yesterday afternoon. The Charter Oak webmistress is freaking AMAZING. Of course she lives in Seattle or somewhere that's not hit with a heatwave.

**Rioters! If you want to save the Lazy Girl some trouble and get yourself some promo too, you can send me your memorable advice or quote about erotic romance, along with your name and website address. Use the email up on the right. I think I'll steal Doug's No Exploding Universes. I just read an exploding universe scene --not a bad one, either-- last night and had a minor giggle fit.

**** Don't bother to answer. And most of what we'll post is the result of our own experience -- years of writing and rewriting and unlearning cliches and shite.


  1. Kate:
    Huge congrats on the review. Bam is a tough bitch to crack :)

    As an official Slackass...I feel slacking around is a part of my job description. It's one of the little lies I like to tell myself so I can feel better, lol

  2. Yes - mega congrats!!!
    And the workshop sounds fun - great idea!!

  3. yeah, I hope it's good, Sam.

    Give us a quote and you'll have a touch of promo.

  4. Where do I sign up?

    But, hey, I'm two for two on my latest sex scene (two of my readers have given me feedback; one bemoaned her husband's absence from the house, and the other told me that if I changed the sex scene to meet RWA standards, she'd beat me up). So maybe I should help teach this workshop, eh?

    Just kidding . . .

  5. Dr. H,

    I've read your smut and I think you could teach the course too--or at least you don't need it.

    I'm not kidding.

  6. Congrats on the review. A B is great (though personally I'd be happy with anything over a fail ;) )


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