and on a slightly different note. . .**

What happens when you don't show up to collect your Rita?

h/t Sandy

** It is still about RWA, so not completely different.


  1. LOL! Very funny.

    Thanks for posting in my blog (re: my comment on your blog). I was happy to leave that letter in there. I just wish that my very well-thought and well-reasoned response (if I do say so myself!) to Jan's msmentor blog was not posted.

    Like I said on there, it's only an infringement of your first amendment rights if it's the government doing the censoring. So while Jan is 100% at liberty to censor the comments on her own blog, I just find it ironic that she's doing so, especially since she's now ranting and railing about her constitutional rights somehow being infringed.

  2. I meant to say that I wished that my response to Jan's blog WAS posted. Sadly, it wasn't. She's now engaging in the very behavior about which she's currently railing against...

  3. enjoyed the funny - enjoyed watching the train go by on your July 22nd post (just didn't jump on it *lol* - hope you have a terrific weekend, my friend...

  4. The reason Rita will not succumb is that you've not given her CHOCOLATE. What are you thinking, plying her with mixed nuts and a diet soda?!?!

    C'mere, Rita, honey, I'll give you Godiva...

  5. It's not my effort. You have to go to the link to read the whole saga.

  6. Ahh, I didn't see the link. (They're almost invisible on your blog, at least on my monitor.) Now that I've read the whole story, all I have to say is, bwahahahahahahahaaa!!!


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