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We're gone til Thursday and leaving a behind a housesitter so don't get your hopes up, all you burglars. (Also leaving dog who has her hopes up. She hates it when she sees bags by the door.)

We might not stay the whole time because damn, turns out to be expensive on Cape Cod. Who knew?

My SBD is ummmmm. er. Well, it was going to be about shape-shifters stories (I recently wrote one) but ever since I visited the zoophile site it's just too odd. Okay, so I already blathered on about it at Doug's and SBTB's yet it's still a whole new and strange world. It presents a slope that's so slippery it's dizzying.

Any straight people go through this when they first realized the reality of gay sex? I was pretty old -- in middle school. maybe even high school. (A sign of my age. I mean back then it wasn't a general topic) At first I was squicked, and thought there can't be that many of them, right? It's too gross and they're must be weirdos who aren't entirely human. That's when I thought it was terribly funny--hiding discomfort. Then I thought it was none of my business and they deserve consideration. At last I got to hey, they're normal even if they're not like me. That took a while, I think -- I mean to really get to the acceptance stage.

I'm sort of having the start of that response with the zoophiles. Weird. Just plain weird. Me, I mean. They're beyond my ken, but I suppose that if you're born that way, and if you really love animals [heh, heh] and treat them well . . .well. It still causes me discomfort, but I wonder if it is anyone's business, assuming the animals in question aren't being mistreated.

That's the crux of the matter, isn't it.

And that's when I remembered all the things we do to animals. Eating them seems to be one of the lesser forms of mistreatment. A little human loving is nothing compared to other stuff animals go through at our hands. I'm convinced that our strong reaction to it has more to do with our discomfort than concern for the animals. I still include me in that "our" by the way, but less than a few days ago. (BTW, I'm talking zoophile not animal rape and I do see a difference.)

After all, animals don't seem to have the same issues about sex as we do. Hey, they do it in public. If they don't like what the human is up to, there are ways to deal with it. Dolphins would drown you. Horses can kick you. Physical harm to the animal is obvious and it's not hard to judge if an animal like a dog is being psychologically mistreated. They wear their emotions on their tails and ears after all. I think it's probably pretty easy to do the whole thing badly, as Suisan points out. Sneaking up on stray animals in the middle of the night. The website seems to be pretty casual, as Suisan noticed and there aren't howto books on the subject.

Well, maybe there are books but I'm not buying them. I don't need to know any more, thank you. And no, I'm not at the final stage of total acceptance. I'm still not sure about the abuse question. But I don't feel like mocking zoophiles any more..

The big question always is What If Your Own Kid was One of Them? No, I can't see that as fairly easy to accept, not like having a gay kid. I wouldn't reject my kid but I would see if he could be "cured." And I wouldn't want a german shepherd for a daughter-in-law. And no, I'm not for man-dog marriage, okay? Never will be either. No, and no domesticated animal as a Domestic Partner for benefits, either.

I feel sorry for zoophiles who don't form loving bonds with people--and not just because they have to hide. It's such a lonely life in a lot of ways. The best part of a loving relationship is the talking...How do you share a joke with your cow?


  1. I don't recall ever being too squicked out by gay sex. I suspect I could even write a gay sex scene (guy-guy; gal-gal would be way easy) without autosquicking. The zoophilia stuff, that's another animal :)

    Oh, my. What passes for wit in my brain.

  2. I can't even recall when and how I first learned about the existence of gay people, which means that I must have been rather young. I didn't start wondering about how the whole sex thing would work out until considerably later (lesbian sex confused me in particular). And I do remember giggling hysterically at the first male-male kiss on German TV, but then it was a pretty crappy kiss.

    I can tell you exactly when I found out about the existence of zoophilia. I was fifteen or sixteen and had swiped a catalogue for a mail order sex shop from my dad's nightstand drawer. And amongst lots of other bizarre things, that catalogue also offered videos promising sex with horses, dogs and chickens. Which confused me mightily. Dogs and horses were icky, but at least somewhat possible. But chickens? How would one do it with a chicken?

    To this day I wonder that the catalogue (issued by a respectable "marital aid" company) actually did offer such videos, as porn featuring animals was (and probably still is) illegal at the time.

    Of course, there also was the incredibly nosey neighbour lady who suspected sexual abnormality everywhere and didn't mind telling everybody who would listen. One day, a woman with a big dog walked past and she said, so loud that everyone, including the lady with the dog, could hear. "They just keep them for f---ing anyway."

  3. Interesting comment, Cora. I don't remember any of those first-times (gay, bestiality, etc.) But I do remember as a ten-year-old chortling over a personal ad, "Wanted: Woman to give and receive enemas."

    I can get my head around just about anything, but the zoophilia stuff still boggles.

  4. Never had any issues with gay sex. Helps that I'm bi. :) And two men are just yummy, as well.

    Animals are more complicated. It's actually easy for them to be hurt -- especially if the female animal is not in a receptive state. I just look at it as someone who worked at an animal shelter and saw too many things -- to many animals being used and exploited. I try not to judge, but I can't quite feel okay with the subject, as my pets are like my kids.

  5. I knew about it before but I remember when I worked at a porn store (have I mentioned that?) and this giant, hairy Arab man with black smouldering eyes asked where we kept the videos of women with donkeys. I politely told him that that was illegal in America and hurried back to the bondage section where I was safe. I heard his American friend saying that he told him so as I was leaving. God I loved that job.

  6. Okay, I remember from an anthology course in university that it was okay for tribe members (sorry can't remember the tribe) to have sex with anything. The really hard, hard, hard to believe part I won't say because I can't remember if I dreamt it or if it was indeed something I learned because egads, it made me sick to my stomache.

    I do remember the females were separated from the tribe during menstration.

    I would look up what I'm thinking of but I would be terrified of the sites that would pop up.

    All the same, I had no clue people outside of that isolated tribal unit actually wanted to have sex with animals. I clicked on your link and thought it was a site about sex between animals - until I read the part that said ' are you a freak?'

    I think I was more confused about gay sex than anything. I do remember at the age of 17 while driving downtown with friends after a movie, seeing an old homeless man walk up to a young (18) homeless man and french kiss him. I gagged all the way home in the car. I think I was sickened by how the old guy just 'took' the young guy and I didn't see consent.

    For me, it all comes down to consent and even then, I expect the people consenting to be adults. Which means I'm expecting a level of maturity and logic and well, brain power. So I'm unsure if animals can give consent past the biting, bucking stage.

    I remember the first time I heard about necrophilia - that squicks me out.

    All the same, I love books with vampires and were-animals BUT, I have yet to read a romance with someone having sex with a vampire while they were asleep (dead) and I think I would definitely drop a book if the human wanted to have sex with their other while they were in animal form. Hey, it's all good to think it's cute but sex? Hell NO!!

    Geez, sorry to hog your comments!!


  7. SandyO12:34 PM

    Hmmmm, I can't remember when I first became aware of gay people. I know when I was about 16, my family was on vacation in Los Angeles and I saw my first transvestite on the Sunset Strip.

    And there was a book, a great book, called The Seven Minutes by Irving Wallace. (This was early 70's). It was fiction, dealt with a pornography trial and the investigation went into the sex trade, etc. Extremely racy for the time. I still remember the scene where they were filming a porno movie with two women, and me thinking "So that's how lesbians do it."

  8. Never been to Cape Cod. I've traveled to various places in the south, and I've gone east too, but there's still so many places to visit, lol. My traveling days are over til my youngest gets a little older.

  9. hi guys! thanks for the comments and I'm still squicked by the subject.


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