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Jan Butler replied and lots of people have responded to her response. **


One my pals (who didn't say so, but I'm guessing she doesn't want to be named) pointed out in an email:

Well, at the risk of being attacked. I agree with her on some points—most specifically that I do think in the never ending quest to get books hotter and hotter, good writing is being pushed to the side. IMO a lot of the books being touted as the next great thing and getting buzz just aren’t that well written—it is becoming about body parts. In the long run, I don’t see how that can serve the romance genre well. It’s not the sex I object to, but so much emphasis being put on it that other things (craft, emotion, etc.) seem to be suffering.

I respect Jan or whatever her name is for standing up for herself though. She has a right to her opinion, she voiced it and now she is sticking up for her right to do so. I think that is good.

Part of my reponse to my friend:

See, you're talking about writing and quality of the story--valid to discuss when you're writers. (Hard to make rules about too, though). That's not even close to trying to decide who does or does not get to fall in love.

I think the glut problem (and slapdash writing) happens in any genre that gets popular. Isn't that what did chicklit in?

But there's more discussion of Jan and her letter at the link above. . .if you want more.


** Update: Boy one and husband were just walking past (on their way to the TV and Red Sox) and I told them that Nora Roberts had visited my blog today.

Boy One stopped and gaped at me. "Oh wow. That's amazing. I am not worthy. May I touch you? No, no, that's too much to ask. May I touch the hem of your dress? Wow," he said. "Tell me again? Who the hell is Nora Roberts?"

September cannot get here fast enough.


  1. *sigh* on the Jan Butler front.

    I agree with you. The kind of "what's hotting" your friend's talking about is happening in all genres. In fantasy it seems that "what's hot" is to publish existing authors without regard to the quality of their work while over looking new authors with stellar output. Nothing about that doesn't suck.

  2. Tell your son, "Nora Roberts? Dude, she's like the Kid Rock of romance!"

    Will that work?

  3. ROTFL @ the Kid Rock of romance! Or she's the Tony Hawk of romance. Or maybe the... um... the Spiderman, Superman, and Bugs Bunny of romance, all rolled into one? ... hmm, so she'd have rippling tight abs, be bulletproof, and have long ears and a fluffy tail. Interesting mental image, that.

    Hmm. Might've been staring at comments on The Letter Which Shall Not Be Named too much. Logic circuits have clearly shorted out.

  4. Okay, your kid is a hoot!! and you sooo know he got that from you ;)

    As to the Jan Butler thing, I get grumpy when people talk out of their ass and then get up in arms because people didn't *get* it.

    Seriously, that's all I have to say on that front although SandyO's comment below had me laughing and then I was all, we're so going to hell for that!!


  5. Chicklit got done in? Boy, am I out of the loop.

  6. aims--you posted your letters at SBTB, right?

    Doug--I said she was like Green Day AND Barenaked Ladies combined

    Cindy--my husband is the King of Sarcasm. That's where the boy gets it.

    Kathy--maybe it's not dead, but for sure it's not roaring along chewing up the landscape any more.

  7. Ooops, my bad.

    I used to be very sarcastic but I don't know if I've grown out of it or if I've become more of a hermit.

    Hmmm, looks like I will have to test my sarcasm on someone ... actually, that just thinking about it makes me tired ;)


  8. No, Kate, I just reposted it here and am trying to unplug myself from the debate. Deadlines wait for no blog kerfluffle, doncha know.

    And I now love that word. Kerfluffle!

  9. Looks like you stirred up a real hornets' nest there, Kate.

  10. SandyO8:59 PM

    Cindy, I was raised Southern Baptist, I am always expecting a lightning bolt out of clear air. So far so good.


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