Happy Birthday Aimless Amelia Elias
Lady Amelia Elias

see comments for explanation.

Left: sealand, next year's hot tourist spot. Above: its seal, which will henceforth be embroidered onto all of Lady Amelia's undergarments. Even the teeny thongs.


  1. Muchos gracias, amiga! Cat Marsters got me the COOLEST. PREZZIE. EVAHHHH! I am now LADY Amelia of the Sovereign Principality of Sealand! Hell yeah, baby, you COMMONERS can just start bowing and scraping now.

    Sealand, a sovereign state established in 1967 on an abandoned anti-aircraft platform off the coast of England. Looks sorta like a really craptastic oil derrick. Apparently they had a bad fire in March and are now selling Nobility Titles to raise money to rebuild. So apparently, I am now genu-whine nobility of a burned-down craptastic oil-derrick-without-the-oil thingie.


    Lady Amelia of Sealand

  2. I just wish I was photoshop smart enough to put a little picture of you waving to your subjects from the roof of your . . . estates? lands? fiefdom? domain?

  3. Actually, the paperwork is very specific on how I'm real nobility, but not actually allowed to GO there. They're not issuing any visas and tend to shoot at any boat that comes too close. Looks like some good deep-sea fishing could be had around those pylons, tho, doesn't it? (Pylons? Is that what the big round go-down-in-the-water thingies are called? It doesn't sound quite right to me...)

    Lady Amelia of Sealand

  4. Wait a sec.
    Are you really Lady Amelia? as in Lady First Name?
    Or are you Lady Last Name?

    We need some title experts in here, pronto. I wish Stephen were around.

  5. I had this conversation with Cat yesterday, actually. Here's her take on it, and being a genuine British type, I guess that makes her an expert, right?

    Cat Marsters (8/23/2006 5:18:14 PM): Er... I dunno if you're Lady Amelia or Lady Elias. Usually, Lady Amelia is something you're born to and Lady Elias something you marry into, but in the case of being bought a title from a country that consists of an oilrig near Harwich, I'm stumped.

    She goes on to quote from a website apparently dedicated to just this sort of question.

    Interestingly enough, when a woman inherits a peerage which devolves upon the heirs general (as opposed to one created by letters patent with a special remedy to a [usually specific] woman), it is not because she is eldest. When the incumbent (or heir) of one of these peerages dies and leaves only daughters, all the daughters have equal right to the title.(95) What happens is that the title "goes into abeyance" until the Queen (the Lord Chancellor) "terminates" the title in favor of one of them. It does not have to be the eldest. There have been times when a title has gone into abeyance for a hundred years or more.(96)

    See, it's perfectly clear, that explanation... at least, it looks like English and I can identify most of the words. Although I'm not quite sure what watching Terminator with the Queen for 100+ years has to do with anything. *scratching my noble noggin*

    Lady Amelia and/or Lady Elias of Sealand

  6. Tsk, you Yanks. It's perfectly clear. Just take the title, add the two, carry the one, and hey presto, it's a peerage.

  7. hotbat8:44 PM

    well, it's obvious letters of patten issued to a particular female ( in this case youse)so its obviously Lady Amelia Elias of Sealand and therefore youse be Lady Amelia for short

  8. Didn't Kathryn Falk become Lady Barrow when she more or less purchased her estate? If that's the case, wouldn't the Aimless One be Lady Pylon? OR Lady Sealand?

    regardless...hope the day has been a good one for our royal PITA *grin*


  9. Heh. Lady Pylon sounds more like Shameless to me.

  10. I think a lifetime peerage makes you Lady {surname}, like Baroness Thatcher--she's not Lady Margaret. You have to be born to the title of Lady {first name}.

    But then, Amelia's a peer of the realm of an oil rig, so I guess she can style herself how the hell she likes.

  11. Hey, I blogged about this a few months ago!

    I can't take credit for discovering it either; I read about it in The Shipping Forecast book.

    I'm seriously thinking about setting a novel there. Sort of a Bridget Jones thing with Prince Michael as the hero.


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