and so . . .

Turns out a person who can't do real work can play with promo! I found the password for my MySpace account again. Soon the entire internet will be completely jammed with Kate Promo. Enraged Internet Users will come tearing after me with lanterns and pitchforks. I'll run into the woods and crouch in the underbrush frantically search for wifi signals to erase my tracks. HooooooooooooooWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwl.


  1. The whole MySpace phenomenon baffles me. How is this supposed to be any different from any other blog interface? I put up a MySpace page and futzed with it for a while, but it wasn't directing any traffic to my main blog. Seemed like a big fat waste of time.

  2. I copy and paste whatever I blog at blogger into my myspace blog. My favorite promo are the bulletins. *evil grin here*

    Good luck, Kate.


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