the WINNER IS. . .

brace yourself, sock lovers. . .


A poignant slice of life--Can't get more poignant than wishing you weren't so different from your sisters. Slice of life? Line o' ants fits that bill. Click on the email thing on the right corner, Sam. Supply your footsize and tell me if you want a book too. Oh, and I'll need an address.

Robyn's entry would have been perfect, but the word-count went over 100.
Cheryl's also fit, but she has socks and anyway, she claimed it wasn't a real entry.

Heck--as usual, all of the entries were great. A round of applause! And the judge gets some chocolate.


Speaking of poignant, it's sort of piteous to think that my former guest the PIL will soon move out of the heavily drugged love stage. . . Or at least that's what these people say. Here's what I say: I'd buy stock in a company that produced Lurve in a nose spray.


and shark scribbles, too bad you're too late, because that really is poignant and a slice of life--even without the ants.


  1. Sam's was my favorite also, just lovely. Good job everyone! I love contests........

  2. Thank you!!!
    Thank you!!!!
    I'm thrilled!!
    Oh, and Please Come take a look at my Horse Passages site - I did it for my upcoming YA book!
    And tell everyone, including horse crazy friends! Thanks!!

  3. thanks kate. had fun writing it.




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