Today's schedule--preparing for guests

1. Begin vacuum entire house.
2. Stop vacuuming when reaching boys' room because of huge mess on floor that they did not clean up even though I asked TEN TIMES over the last few days.
3a Begin to clean mess.
3b. Get mad and discouraged, leave vacuum cleaner in boys' room and decide to clean bathrooms instead.
4. Get wet cleaning shower stall, remember that I need shower.
5. Forget all towels still in laundry.
6. Walk, dripping and nekkid into bedroom.
7. Scream when dog puts cold nose on butt.
8. Dry off with clean unfolded bit of laundry.
9. V. cold from having no towel. Get dressed and make more coffee to warm up.
10 Check email.
12 Realise still need to pick up special order 28 lbs turkey from store closing early. Realise out of norvasc--contemplate fact that norvasc (newest of the godawful high blood pressure medications) sounds like some kind of missile treaty. Realise still need fair number of groceries. Wonder where massive turkey and groceries will go since no room in fridge.
13 Realise niece's bus is coming in in half an hour. Panic! Run into boys' room for handbag I left there. Trip over vacuum cleaner. Hurt left foot in same place it's been broken about three times. Weak ankles.
14. Hobble off to bed. Call husband and tell him to pick up niece.
15. Open laptop and start writing.
16. Okay, now I can concentrate.

Wish me luck. I'm starting with step one, the vacuuming, in three minutes . . .. First I'll need to skip to nagging, step 11.


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    The holidays do have a dark side, don't they?

  2. thank god i'm not cooking this year......therefore i don't have to CLEAN thoroughly

    have a great Thanksgiving sweetie...i can tell from the little letter identification at the bottom that you've already started to the kids and your hubby...nanza

  3. add a shot of something to thank coffee to help with the warming-up process.


  4. Have A great Thanksgiving!!!
    Sounds like it will be fun!
    Good luck with the vacuuming and the writing.
    And getting boys to clean their room.
    Now that will be an accomplishment!

  5. Happy T-day, Kate!

  6. Norvasc isn't such a bad name. Aciphex, now there's a bad name. "Doctor, what are the ass effects of this drug?"

  7. Hey Kate,
    just wanted to stop in and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Good luck with the family!

  8. Oh, and don't think I'm insulted or anything that I'm not listed as a friend or a blog you read. don't worry, my feelings aren't hurt or anything. . .


  9. Happy Turkey Day, MizKate!

    K. :)

  10. HOWLING as usual - ROFL. Love the blog for today. Happy Thanksgiving, Kate. Hugs...

  11. You should lock the kids in their room with no food and TV and computer games until they have cleaned the mess. :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Sounds like we had the same Cranksgiving, MisKate! Only my turkey was just 22# and it didn't get all the way done because SOMEBODY (no, not me) decided that "almost 170 degrees" on the meat thermometer was just as good as 180 degrees and pulled the turkey out early. Made for an interesting meal.

    "All right, who wants white meat, who wants dark, and who wants the pink?"


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