cold rain and a synopsis and more self pity

November in New England ... Feeeeeeeel my pain.

When my hard drive died, it took all my synopses with it. I mean honestly--who remembers to back up synopses? The agent wants to send out a book so I have to write another five pages or so about it. Oh lordy lord, I dislike producing a synopsis under normal circumstances but I know this means I'm going to have reread this book.

Can't I do something more palatable instead, like clean the boys' filthy bathroom with a toothbrush? Or the other task I'm avoiding -- trying to reconstruct the lost 200 pages of another novel.

Skip the second project. I'd much rather just grab the toothbrush and bleach and start scrubbing the grout. (I think an application of bleach behind the boys' toilet produces some dangerous chemicals. Seriously--ammonia and chlorine bleach? Didn't they use that in the trench warfare of WWI?)


  1. I liked that Blondesense link you left for me. The Digsby's Blog (sp?) link didn't work.

    I don't care what Blondie says. I'm not Bush. But she lives in Texas, so I can see how she might come to that conclusion.

  2. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Bleach + ammonia. Oh yes, they yield a treat. White, smokey chlorine gas.

    Watch out. You don't want to end up a snow-white corpse!

  3. I know it means rereading, but I recently wrote a synopsis by printing out the book and doing a chapter-by-chapter highlight page. I didn't really read it, just saw what happened. Then I wrote it all down in boring synopsis style. Worked well, and didn't allow myself to edit or read for style, just content.

  4. Anonymous7:08 PM

    urine that has set for 8 hours has a very low concentration of amonia in it, don't ask me how I know this you don't want to know.go ahead and bleach behind the toilette those other tasks sound too horrible to contemplate.

  5. doug--the link I just sent you? I'm sorry. . . . I can't post it here but now I'm crawling into a corner. Napalm never went away.

    Jason--that's the stuff. Oh boy! Too bad I can't use it as an excuse never to clean the bathroom again--assuming anon is right. What about plain soap? Oh. yeah. No wait! What about getting the boys to attack their own pit of doom!

    Megan--but if I do that quickly and efficiently, how can I feel sorry for myself? I'm out of that stage and into fretting about other people's children. I read about white phosophorus. Chemical warfare on civilians and it's not Sadam using it. Liberating the heck out of those Iraqis. . .


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