Bosnians Today

I get to drive someone to the hospital after class. Oh joy.

Only a couple more days of Ramadan and then it's PARTY TIME! Bajram! Yowza! A couple of the ladies tell me that they gain weight over Ramadan. I think the three days of steady partying can't help.

Ramadan is going but . . .

Christmas is coming. Don't your nearest and dearest want lace, sox, mittens, purses or rugs?

Here are pictures. (blogger is refusing to load more than two)

Ordering information. NOTE: The socks are now $14 a pair, not $12.
It takes the ladies about 6-7 hours to make a pair so this is still cheap--too cheap, but what're we gonna do? Can't charge more, unless you live in Manhattan and are used to paying $24 for a pair of sox.



  1. Please remind me again after Thanksgiving when I have money!

  2. I will remind you, ms. cece. Never fear. . . mwahahahaha.


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