I blogged TWO other places.

1. For left-wing ranty politics, please click here. Be warned, it's on the dailykos site and sometimes that place is just too far over the edge--and ....er....I might have been influenced by the tone. Kate eyes ferfe nervously. Actually the only interesting part is a link to this story.

2. For a continuation (or perhaps the repetition) of the discussion of romance** as Rodney Dangerfield please click here.

More than enough Kate in the blogosphere, I'd say. I just got back from Bosnia and the ladies did NOT want to hang around long so we ended our day early. We went to an apartment, had cups of kill-me-now coffee and I came home as soon as I could. Now where did I put that bottle of TUMS?


** check the comments, particularly Bookseller Chick's.


  1. I followed your suggestion and wrote a post for you, Kate. Don't let your husband know.

  2. I never know where to my comments, girl.

    A Kos blog, how great! Next you'll have to write how the present admin pays to have news run in US media (ya know it's true).

    I'm going to try to tone down on politics. Really.

    The open-minded (my new term for liberals), and especially, especially unfashionable minorities (especially Nigras), should NEVER dialogue with a bunch of white Republicans in an intent to understand their mean rears.

    It will cause ulcers and you will inevitably telling them to go and join the KKK/Nazi party where they so clearly belong.

    Sigh. Back to de lurk.

  3. Kate, I'm new to your blog but wanted to say hello. I hope you found the Tums.


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