advice for you nanowriters

1. Read this. (An absolute must)

2. And this.

3. Maybe my extremely basic romance writing advice at Amazon? Only slightly outdated. *

I could add some other great sites, but I won't bother because pbackwriter has the best lists around. Go on, check them out if you absolutely must, but keep in mind there's only one really vital piece of advice for people turning/churning out ten or more pages a day:

JFDI. **

GET THE HELL OFF THE INTERNET (that includes email, bub) AND WRITE.

* included mostly because it's a pitch for me me me.

**just fekking do it.


  1. Okey dokey, I've wasted 20 minutes on that Turkeys website (wasted cuz I've read it before, but it was a while ago, and I was curious to see if they'd added anything), so now I have to JFDI.

    Easier time today. My characters are having sex.


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