silver lining to the death of a computer

When you go to the back-up disks, you find old stuff you forgot about.

Here's a short story I wrote years ago. It was published in a now-defunct literary magazine and it's not romance. [eb--you've read it already] It won an award.

I loaded another short story at my website, a more recent one. That one is romance.

This hunting down and displaying old stories is almost like fun--I'm looking for my other short stories so I can put them on my site. I can't find my very favorite about a compulsive liar and her patient husband. It wasn't my best short story, but it was the first thing of mine ever published for cash** It appeared in the Monocacy Valley Review, yet another defunct literary publication. (I have the touch, eh?)

** Twenty-five dollars.


  1. I spent a few hours sifting back up CD's once and decided that I should never ever do that again sober. Man, some of my stuff sucked! Seriously, I may never write again because I'm afraid it STILL sucks that bad but since it's new it hasn't festered enough to stink up the hard drive yet.

    Haven't posted lately because my laptop (old one) won't do pop ups. I tried every freaking thing and -- nada. So. Sneaking this in from the office to say hi!

  2. what IS it with laptops? They are all out to get us.



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