I'm not ignoring you

First of all, Love Between the Lines is free for the rest of today. TODAY only! You can go grab a copy, read it this weekend, and then give it a five star review--and still have time to rake the leaves. Since I'm asking you to do me a favor, then maybe I should go rake your leaves while you read the book.

I made it free because I can. I'm about to take it off KDP Select and why not go for that last feature?

This is nice: a bunch of people took the time to offer their opinions on my cover. Thank you, people! For some reason I can't seem to use my comments to say thank you in the post below. Maybe everyone is being blocked from google plus and the stupid program will finally peter out. The thing could use a wooden stake through its heart.

In other news, I'm going to go watch my kid be Hamlet tomorrow. I'm overly impressed that he is playing Hamlet. Even if he does the whole production wearing a horse mask and saying the lines backwards, I will be impressed because, whoa. Hamlet. I have him pegged as a great Polonius, which demonstrates that it's a good thing I'm not in charge because. Hey, Hamlet.

In still other news, this is the book's cover:

I liked the sepia a bit better, but when you shrink them down to thumbnail size, the mint stays easier to read.

And since this about the cover -- thank you again for taking the time to come over here to comment.

In yet other other news, my citizen's police academy class is about to come to an end and that makes me sad. It's an interesting experience. I doubt what I've learned will make any difference with my writing, but it's a good time.

Anyone who has a chance to take that in his/her community should sign up. You do get a lot of "The Police Are Great" promo, but that's fine--they kind of are great. Staying on the decent side of the line between protecting the public and jackboot thugging it up life is tough.It takes a particular type of person and they seem good at figuring out who can do the job.

You also get to play with (unloaded) weapons and that's a good time. Oh, and if you do it in West Hartford CT, you get coffee and donuts every week.

You won't get to take it with Katy Lee and Susannah Hardy, which is too bad. They're almost as entertaining as the police.


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