damned if you.....

So when I get to a pirated ebook site, I'm always offended. Why? Because if they have Summer Devon books, they're stealing from me. And when they don't have 'em, hey! Shit! Aren't I good enough to rip off?

I wonder how much money is lost with that kind of piracy. It didn't really offend me much at first but the more I think about it, the more high-horsey I get. That sort of idiocy might wreck the industry that they enjoy--or at least force publishers to boost the prices or come up with some odious technology that makes books dissolve eventually.

Reminds me of hikers who throw just a tiny gum wrapper down justifying it with, "The tiny bit I do won't make a difference." Careless and selfish with no thought of the other people who're part of their world.**

It seems pretty strange that someone who really admires a writer's work goes out of their way to make sure that that particular writer can't make a living. Stupid.

rant over due to another sneezing fit. Now I'm going to go find tuition money and kleenex. Not in that order.

**UPDATE: Only now I think maybe that's not the right image because they think they're acting generously by sharing. So if I'm going to stay with this walk in the woods imagery....

They're like someone who hacks a bit of root from a tree they like--giving chunks to their friends. Trouble is, they're giving something away that'll hurt the tree and that doesn't actually belong to them. They're buying one apple, not rights to the rest of the tree.


  1. They should have their booties kicked. So not cool. :(

  2. I talked about this yesterday on my blog. I think a lot of education is needed.

    It makes me so depressed.

  3. I wonder. I kinda think that the people who frequent those sites probably wouldn't spend the money anyway. Meaning they'll read anything that's free and never pay for anything, so you're not losing a sale.


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