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Doug has one of her covers at his place and it's a beaut....Love Hungry Doctor. Here's another and it appears way tamer than LHD. (I lifted it from vintage sleaze where you can buy it)

I saw Florence and her work at Doug's and thought there she is! The mother of my trade!

This woman wrote more books than most people read in a lifetime and most of her titles were either steam-city--or sold to some disappointed people. Just the titles are titillating: Love Life of a Hollywood Mistress, Bedroom Agent, The Fleshpots, The Whipping Room. And those covers make the standard torso-gleaming, bodice-heaving, hair-rippling Fabio-esque event look tame.

I want to get my hands on a Florence Stonebraker. Mother's day is coming up. Maybe my family will buy me this one.

It's so strange that someone can have written that many books and not show up on any radar I know of. As someone pointed out, a women studies major would have a field day with Florence Stonebraker. What a pseudonym, too. Heh. Where are the Ph.D. theses, womyn? Come on! Get to work.

According to this site, she was born in 1896, started publishing at age 41 and churned/turned out those books regularly for years (under the name of Florenz Branch and Thomas Stone and Florence Stuart and too). One year she managed to produce 11 titles. Maybe she had them all under her bed? From the california writers page:
For thirty years – between Pay for Your Pleasure (Phoenix, 1937) and Predatory Woman (Beacon, 1967) – she cranked out more than 80 novels of unsanctioned sex. Married or single, her characters were tempted by and often surrendered to their lustful desires. Stonebraker had a conventional side, too, and wrote a couple dozen stories of chaste young women finding love. But her forte was the risqué.
I find it disturbing she left so little behind despite all those ground-breaking books. I mean wikipedia's never heard of her!! ??? That's pathetic.

Projecting a little, Summer? No, because I'm not even close to her class. I'm thinking maybe Carol Lynne might be her real heir--or heiress. She can write faster than anyone alive.

We'll find out if Florence is all that and a bag of matinée popcorn. I couldn't bear the suspense and have ordered a cheaper copy of one of her books, Strange Sinner. I'm hoping it'll be totally lascivious without a trace of apology for the woman's libido or (god forbid) a Moral. With a name like Stonebraker, we can only hope in her world if someone has to repent or suffer, it'll be the man. Or men--here're a couple more of her titles: Three Men and a Mistress and Four Men and a Dame. Menage!


  1. ...80 novels of unsanctioned sex...

    Yessssss! I have a new goal in life. A new BENCHMARCK, if you will.

    Please do report back regarding the hoped-for lack of morals about the wages of sin. Inquiring/dirty minds want to know.

  2. If it's any good, I'll send you the copy and spread the wealth.

  3. Maybe it was a question of quantity and not quality? I mean, look at Harper Lee - one book and everyone knows about it.

  4. Anonymous6:44 PM

    It appears I am the seller you ordered Strange Sinner from. The book looked interesting, so I googled the author and wound up on your blog!

    It's all about Marcia, who sleeps with her stepson: "A gorgeous animal, Marcia loved and hated with equal savagery." Don't we all?

    Anyway, the book is on its way. Please enjoy.

  5. Sam, Sam...Harper Lee? I'm thinking if you're going to compare her to a one hit wonder, probably Margaret Mitchell is a better bet. (because I think Jacquelyn Susann did more than In the Valley of the Dolls.)

    Jim, I can hardly wait. Duh, of course! Incest! I knew there was a hot erotic trend I'd forgotten.

    I bet you're regretting selling this baby now. Maybe when Sam's done studying it, she can send it back to you.
    Thanks, btw.

  6. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Sorry I haven't been around. I hadn't realized I'd turned you on to Le Stonebreaker.

    I ordered one of her books, too -- one with naughty nurses, I think. I decided that if I like it, I'm going to make it my life's ambition to collect all of them. A guy has to have a goal in life, don't you think? And then my heirs can sell the collection at Christy's for $$$$.

    If the incest one is good, I'll buy it off whoever has it last.

  7. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I WAS really regretting that I let this baby go. But I've made my peace with it and moved on. I'd rather find the next sleazy Florence Stonebraker book than hang on to the old one.


    @ pt.WIKIPEDIA [ Portuguese !!! --- The ***ONLY*** Wikipedia with F.B./F.S. !!! ]]

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