yay ME!

So I checked the list of stories that will be included in the next batch of Pocket Book/Ellora's Cave and didn't see Summer there. I was pretty excited though because Arianna Hart is in there YAY!! And Shannon Stacey!

But it turns out, I'm a goober, because a few minutes later, Charli sent a note saying glad to be in there with you.

I'm in! Futurelove, which hasn't been a big seller, but don't tell anyone, is going to be in print! And with Pocket Books, so we're talking big-gish time again.

AND it's with Shannon Stacey and Charli! How in hell I didn't notice my name with Shannon's, never mind. I'll go back and see if she's going to be in two collections. Charli is!

Okay back to the dancing and whooping!


I love Shannon Stacey and Charlene Teglia. [even if I can't spell her last name first time out] And now I get to be in a book with them? Not literally, but it feels pretty damn great. This is beyond awesome into...into....damn. The words, they are not there for me!

The !!!!! !!!! is working though. Yes!!!

updated: oh. Jeez. I went over to give Shan high fives and get her proper url and her latest post is about her father's death. Ummm. I'm so sorry, Shannon.


  1. Is this the first time Summer's been in print? She might be a fresh, new voice in the industry.

  2. YAH!!! Happy dance for you! Congrats!

  3. I figure Shan can use good news right now. I'm very happy for all three of us!

    *giggling uncontrollably at Summer's fresh new voice*

  4. Seems like a good opportunity to link my review of Futurelove.

    You da bomb!

  5. Yay us! Nothing like being between the covers with two of my favorite people to perk a girl up. :)


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