Thursday Thirteen--Charlene Teglia

in honor of finding out we're going to be togethah, forevah, in an anthology, I decided Charlene was the Woman for Today. Number 13 is cheating, Charli.

13 Things About Charlene Teglia

1. I live in Forks, Washington. If you’ve read Twilight, you might think we’re surrounded by vampires and werewolves. This is totally fictional. And the fact that I write about vampires and werewolves is totally coincidence. (But Bigfoot is real and living in the Hoh rain forest!)

2. Okay, so now you know where I get my ideas. No movie theaters, no bookstores, no cable TV, just me and my wild imagination and a whole lot of rainy days.

a teeny picture of charli

3. "Earth Girls Aren’t Easy," my latest Ellora’s Cave novella, was based on a real event. A meteor lit up the skies over Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula in the summer of 04 and afterwards our military neighbor got up and went to work in the middle of the night. I said, “What if that was an alien space-ship crashlanding in Puget Sound?” All the authorities swore it was a meteor, but really, look what they say about Area 51.

4. I have two beautiful daughters. The four year old is learning to read. The two year old loves to say, “Story! Story!” and sit in my lap with a book.

5. My husband and I had a photography studio when we first married. This led to my first blog, a serial mystery about a couple running a photography studio, a dead client, and a mysterious package delivered posthumously. I dropped the serial due to pregnancy, new baby, and general life confusion, but got back to writing after Child #1 arrived and sold my first novel in 2004.

6. In 2004, I overshot my goal of making my first sale and made, um, four sales. After my third sale to Ellora’s Cave, I relaxed a little and quit thinking somebody was going to realize they’d made a mistake. Although I still return contracts fast, before anybody can think too hard about plot points like aliens crash-landing in Puget Sound.

7. We have two cats. Not on purpose. They just showed up. Muse and Trey apparently felt called to come and sit on my desk and get cat hair in my keyboard and they take their calling very seriously.

8. Kate and I are in an anthology together! Coming in Jan. 2009 from Pocket. Kate claims it was written by her alter-ego Summer Devon, but we all know the truth.

9. I write for Ellora’s Cave, Samhain, St. Martin’s Press, and now apparently I can add Pocket to that list. I love Pocket, they’ve published many of my favorite authors.

10. I do not have any Bosnian socks. I feel the lack.

11. I drink a lot of coffee. Coffee lowers your risk of adult-onset diabetes among other things, so I say forget the guilt and brew up another pot!

12. My next release is "I Was An Alien’s Love Slave" in the Ellora’s Cavemen Seasons of Seduction III anthology, in print and ebook Sept. 23. This is connected to Earth Girls Aren’t Easy although both stories stand alone. Thank you, meteors falling in Puget Sound!

13. I cannot wait for Kate to sell a new historical. A HOT historical that she lets Summer co-write.

13a. Yo, it's about Charli, not Kate. Charlene will actually be in two of the Ellora's Cave/Pocket anthologies. I can't find the letter announcing the anthologies, so she'll have to tell us when. There is more about her at her bio page, which is pretty fun reading. Iambic pentameter printer repair instructions? Should have gone for it, dude.


  1. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a meteor outside of the movies. Very cool stuff. And congrats again.

  2. Annie, it was really something to see. And hear; VERY large meteor! Thanks for the congrats. : )

  3. Re: 13.a., it does too count. I want to read it.

    And the iambic pentameter? Follow the link from my bio page and behold my evil genius.

  4. Pocket Anthology info (sorry, Kate, should've included this in the 13!)

    July 2008
    Wolf in Shining Armor Charlene Teglia
    Stolen Goddess Tawny Taylor
    Tempting a Lady Dawn Ryder

    January 2009
    Interstellar Sparks Shannon Stacey
    Futurelove Summer Devon
    Wolf in Cheap Clothing Charlene Teglia

  5. Lorelei James11:12 AM

    Congrats, Charli! Can't wait :)

    And I swear I saw a space ship once, although no one believes me.

  6. Meteors, spaceships and sales. I'm still trying to process the rest of the information.

    Congrats, btw.

  7. FutureLove and A Wolf in Cheap Clothing! I know which anthology I'm ordering!!!

  8. Ah, Aliens.....sorry, lost my train of thought. *g* Earth Girls Aren't Easy is one wild ride!

    Love both your Wolf books. Aleady own them both. :-)

  9. Lorelei, you must tell me that story.

    Carrie, coffee is always good!

    Lisa, I'm sure you can make sales without meteors or aliens. *g*

    Sam, thanks, I hope you enjoy our anthology!

    NJ, aliens are distracting. *g* Thank you, I had so much fun with my werewolves and with Earth Girls. It's great to hear that they're fun to read, too!

  10. You must get some Bosnian Socks..before winter.


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