hot infertility finds a home

another sale to another start-up company.

This one is Alexis Fleming's latest publisher. She and Lyn Cash and I wrote another of those connected series of books (I love working on those things) and Alexis really likes the total ebound people.

Alexis and the other TEB person I checked with, Portia Da Costa, both enjoy working with the company a lot.

It's kind of fun to see books for sale in other currencies. I bought a book there, just to make sure (okay, just to read it. Yay Sam Winston! It's a short, fun book) Their webpage was beautifully easy to use and the process smooth going. The store portion didn't mind that I wanted to play in dollars. I guess that's paypal's domain, but still easy, easy, easy.

I finally figured out if you're an author who might hook up with an ebook company, the most important advice for you, young lady:
Make sure it's simple to buy the damn books!
Ebooks are usually such impulse buys--mine are, anyway. Anyway, if the site is hard to figure out or the sale doesn't go through simply and quickly, a potential buyer is going to say screw it and move on.

So my story in the collection is about hot infertility lurve. We did the infertility thing for five years and from what I can recall (it was a long, long time ago) an infertile woman can end up feeling about as sexy as someone with a hangover and stomach flu and maybe yeast infection. Sex = procreation just doesn't cut it as hawt, especially when it's not working right.

So it's a story about an infertile woman--and yes, she really can't have babies. (Nothing worse than a story about infertility that ends with her oops! getting pregnant after all! Someone suggested that ending and I growled and snorted like I was still back in those infertility days, even though my own experience was oops! I got pregnant after all! and then again! and later on, again!)

It's about her rediscovering her mojo after she's resolved the issue. Not a typical Summer Devon. It's pretty shallow and not just because it's short: because it's smut, dammit--though definitely not the usual sort of smut, which is why it fits ebooks best. No idea when it'll be out, but there we go. Two sort of sales in one week (the other was a resale sort of thing).

Other news: Aya's staying with us. We always like that. She's going to deal with the outrageous numbers of tomatillos that took over our garden.


  1. Woot! Congrats! You are on a roll!

  2. Congrats!!!
    And thanks for the plug - you really should tell me when you do this so I can reciprocate. I just posted today, so I'll have to wait...till after the 23rd actually (looking at the blogging schedule I've set out) Hmmm.
    I'm plugging Calderwood Books until opening day.
    And yes, buying and easy impulse buying is a plus. I hope our shopping cart is easy to use. I hate the ones where you have to fill out pages and pages of info just to sign in.
    Oh, and your books sounds really good!

  3. Congratulations again and again. Tomorrow I will be saying again.


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