Summer Devon has a book out

My new release is today! yay! It's short! It's got one of my favorite sort of heroes, a sarcastic loner. Talk about fantasy--forget the fact he's a dragon--his type is like those hyper-alpha dudes, not really the sort of mate one wants in the real world.

To celebrate the release, I'm going to do a chat at tomorrow night. It's a relatively easy place to check in and use. Head down to the bottom of that front page if you want to sign in. You do, I hope.

No, I'm not to proud to beg--please, for the love of God, come over there so I don't end up all alone asking myself questions about how I get my ideas and telling myself I'm my own favorite writer and can I please have a free copy of a book. I want someone else to get the free copy.
More promo-->>I posted an excerpt over at the Samhain blog. There's also another excerpt up at the "buy this book" link at the top. Uh oh. The Sammy blog seems to have a glitch with the link. Damn. I've already bugged Angela once today.

It's raining and that's the first time I remember it raining on September 11 for about six years. We tend to get the same weather as NYC (only a couple of hours away) so I suppose it's raining there, too.


  1. Ohhh... that cover! Nice one.

  2. Ditto. Very, very visually pleasing cover. If that were my cover, I'd get t enlarged and framed.

  3. Congrats on your Dragon tale!


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