another FNV

So next week a bunch of Dragon stories are coming out. One is mine.

I opened Nina Mamone's Hard to Guard by accident (I was supposed to find an excerpt from mine)....And then I forgot to close it. Whoa, that story is way, way hot. I say you should buy it and read it. It's just plain fun.

I have a quibble or two with the conflict, and I predict in the distant future the hero's protectiveness will drive the heroine to drink, but the premise and the fun, self indulgent dragons and the heat between the main characters made the quibbles go away.

Her writing was fresh, and her voice, oh jeebus, It's the Fresh New Voice thing. Damn.

I have to avoid opening any more of those stories because if they're even slightly as catch-and-hold-tight until the end as Mamone's I'll never get a life.


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