I wrote an entry at passionate pen today. It's a standard sort of I'm a Convert to Rrrromance article.

I thought of the subject because the block party is coming along this weekend and I expect (I hope) that the English prof will be there with her dip and kids. No "the dip" isn't code for her husband--they're separated.

Block party has a Summer of Love theme, which is just silly if you ask me, which the organizers didn't or maybe they did and I lost the form.


  1. So I got this book in the mail today. The guy has a gray caterpillar on his upper lip and the woman, who clearly has a broken neck, looks about fifty. And that's a polite estimate. But the damn thing is in Italian, and I don't know what I'm gonna do with it.

    I think I have your snail addie, but email it to me just the same :)


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