slightly political? mebbe

Normally what Rush Limbaugh says or thinks is not on my radar--or if it gets there, I push it off again. I got that high blood pressure thing and all.

But I did like this response to his phonies remark. In fact, I like love the whole blog so why don't we call it The Blog of the Week and leave Rush by the wayside.

Go, read the blog. Thank me and/or curse me for pushing you over there, you'll be glad you did.


  1. I'm convinced: Limbaugh, O'Reilly, et al. are secretly in the employ of Comedy Central with the covert mission of providing fodder for the Daily Show and Colbert.

    Because nobody could really be that hypocritical, cruel and stupid...right?

  2. you see Daily Show a couple of nights ago? Jon Stewart pleading with the president to just stop producing material that's too funny on its own and can't be mocked. (Referring to the education speech in which Bush said something about "childrens"

    "A speech about education! It's cruel, sir, cruel!" or words to that effect.)

  3. Yup, I read that Army of Dude blog, too, and loved it. Smackdown!


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