other news, or maybe not news. more like random stuff

1. Shirley Jump features me and my banana spooge at her blog.

2. The other dog discovered the evil, stinky substance and she also rolled in it. I've rubbed them both with reams of paper towels and doggy de-stink gunk and have banned all unaccompanied trips out back.

3. I'm celebrating writing "the end" on a story by taking the morning off. I was going to exercise but finished Going Postal by Pratchett instead. Oh, how my love for him grows and grows**. It's greater than the stench in this room, even.

** as does my butt, again. Better get back on that treadmill.


  1. Terry Pratchett is my hero. I've been on a Pratchett kick since high school, and never stopped. I re-read his books with pleasure, and discover new ones with glee. I just finished 'Men at Arms' -
    My favorote one is 'Night Watch'.
    My mother and I both list him on the top of our 'people we desperately want to meet and talk to' list.

  2. Night Watch is my favorite, too.

    Banana spooge, though? Ew.


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