We went to see Stardust the other day--that's not the confession. (Good movie because all of us liked it. A tough crowd to please.)

The confession has to do with the sin of spending more than two minutes of my life pondering Larry Craig's case.

Once again, in a public toilet I scootched around trying to see how difficult it would be to reach my foot into the next stall. It was really tough, by the way. Of course Bowtie Cinemas (Formerly Hoyt Cinemas, formerly Crown Cinemas) might have larger stalls, but this isn't the first public bathroom in which I've attempted to adopt a wide stance.

C'mon, admit it, you do things like that sometimes, too. Don't you? Maybe?


  1. LOL - Hmmmmm. maybe :)

    You made me laugh.


  2. Sometimes, when I'm nervous (and seated), I raise my heels and move them up and down rapidly, using my toes as fulcrums. I wonder how that translates?

  3. did a video reenactment of the police officer's report from the Craig case. It's pretty damning. Watch it here.

  4. Thanks for visiting, Tam. And glad you laughed.

    Doug, I think you only need to worry about toe tapping. You're safe, if you want to be.

    bettie--Slate might have been more accurate but I liked Keith Olbermann's reenactment better.

  5. I reach my foot into the next stall all the time, so I can kick my kid's foot and remind her that LIFE IS NOT MEANT TO BE LIVED ENTIRELY IN THE BATHROOM, KIDDO, TIME TO GO BACK AND FINISH OUR DINNER.

    She does get pretty indignant but has yet to call the cops.

    Maybe the stalls are bigger out West. Can't speak for Minneapolis, though.

  6. No. I don't goof around in the restroom unless I'm vandalizing it.


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