As soon as I can figure out how to upload the damn pictures, you'll see a glorious batch o' flowers. I mean, wow. Roses and more roses and some kind of gorgeous purple orchid-thingy.

Two of my sisters sent me flowers for my birthday and they take up most of the dining room table (the flowers, not sisters, who aren't here, unfortunately). Last time I had this many bouquets I'd given birth.

Speaking of which, it's the boy's birthday too. Boy1 = best present I ever got, hardest to unwrap.

He's not getting flowers. I got him computer games and cold, hard cash--very cold. I wrapped the money around a batch of lime popsicles, his faves.

What else is happening? Doug's birthday, too. He's running a contest over there. What is it with bloggers and contests? No don't answer because . . .

I'm going to give away an eb00k copy of The Knight's Challenge. **

Comment below and in a couple of days I'll pick a winner. Really, even if you don't want the book, you ought to comment because think of how pathetic it'll look if no one says anything and it's my birthday and all (pathos: always a good way to give away books and build a career).

**The reviews of Knight's Challenge are in! a measley 61 from Mrs. Giggles but jmc liked it.


  1. Hey I love a good dragon story, and Happy Birthday Summer/Kate.

  2. Happy Birthday to you and to your son as well. My 11 month old baby girl's birthday is two days after my own so I considered her my belated birthday gift. :-)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I hope you get what you want for this special day

  4. Happy Birthday Chica. I'd really hate to have looking pathetic. Do the same for me sometime, would ya? LOL

    Congrats on the new release!


  5. I just stopped by to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Don't enter me in the contest, I already bought my copy. I liked it. :)

  6. Happy birthday! I did remember, without the reminder, you know. You share a birthday with two other friends of mine.

    Hope yours has been a good one.

  7. Much happy birthdayness coming your way. Hope it's a wonderful day.

  8. Happy birthday! 'em. So many people (at least in my world) say they don't want flowers because they are so expensive and just die anyway. I adore flowers. Sounds like you are enjoying yours too.

  9. Happy Birthday! again. I think I need to photoshop up some b-day cake for you and me.

  10. I take it back. This cake is all for you.

    Come see . . .

  11. Happy Birthday!!

  12. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Happy Birthday Kate. Did I make it in time for the free book :)


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