violence of the lambs

Anyone wonder where I went? Me, too.
Okay never mind all that personal crap.

Look at this thing Aya sent us. If you've ever spent any time around sheep, it's bound to have an effect on you. Yes, it was a real movie. The preview was more than enough, thanks (I especially like the guy smoking a cigarette.)

I was accosted by sheep in the Lake District once. I...I don't like to talk about it. They made off with our lunch.


  1. That's... just. Damn. Um... do I want to know how you even came across that movie?

  2. My niece Aya spent a few months in New Zealand. It's changed her forever--she's the one who found the link.

  3. "Changed me forever"?
    A friend in NZ mentioned the movie title, so I found myself googling it.

    I tried playing the "shoot the sheep" game on the website and got mad when the sheep kept killing me. Then I got rather upset, when I finally managed to shoot the sheep.

  4. Sheep look so harmless...


  5. I thought it was a joke. I was HOPING it was a joke.
    My goodness -- killer sheep. What's the world coming too??

    I hear you on the Lake District sheep. We didn't have any run-ins with the woolly beasts, but we did have a psychologically scarring experience with a swan. Who knew those beautiful birds could get so nasty?

  6. We were attacked by ostriches at a wild animal park. Good thing we had a car between us and them!

  7. Birds are evil critters. Geese and ducks are particularly bad, although having never had a run-in with an ostrich, I do concede that they might be worse. Ducks and geese are especially bad about pinching skin and then twisting their head, giving the worst horrible twisted-pinch ever with their bills.

    Evil. Pure evil.

  8. Cows came after us in the Cotwolds, which makes for some fine alliteration.


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