1. The expert has spoken: My husband has been diagnosed as a "whackbutt." That's Dr K M-T, addressing the fact that Mike headed off to work even though the world is composed of ice, snow and wind.

2. The proper response to the weather: A fire in the fireplace and no intention of leaving the house unless it's to get more wood. The boys and I are sane.

3. Poetry corner: Nose as long as a telephone wire--it could be a reference to the Pinocchio syndrome. I do like Beth's version. Anyone else have more variations of the lines to liar liar pants on fire?

Do you know that thing about how "Ring around the Rosy" is about the plague? Not so, says Aya who was taking a course in that sort of thing at BU. Talk about shattered dreams. We're going to have to get her to guest blog and blast all of our favorite stories about childhood ditties.

Aya owes us. We sang the nuthouse song to her ** as well as our mother's favorite Wobbly lullabies,*** and she might have even recorded them. We had drunk a fair amount of wine so we might have even let her.

5. Health report: maybe the flu has finally gone away? I was the last victim, although my version wasn't as horrendous.

update: tomorrow = pots


**not a great version. There's no mention of lemon drops or Padrewski blowing his horn. All wrong, starting with the bit about being a villain.

*** hey! I didn't know Joe Hill wrote the Pie in the Sky song! Mom always paired that one with "I Dreamed I saw Joe Hill Last Night." Wonder if she knew? Or is it a wikifact?


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