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Mysteries with a twist are coming back. I know about a cleaning lady who solves mysteries, a whole bunch of mysteries with recipes. Mostly lots of funky professions.

Here's a twist you can have--but you have to put in a heartfelt dedication to me when you write it:
Someone on The Other Side who solves mysteries for murder victims who can't figure out who did them in and why. Ghost detective.

Whaddaya think? Go ahead. I'm not writing it.


  1. Didn't Chevy Chase do a movie like that with Benji in the early 80's???

    God, I loved Benji.

    I can see this working in Japan.

  2. Yup. Oh Heavenly Dog (thank you IMDB).

    I think Kate's idea is a bit different since this detective was solving his own murder (and doing so in dog form). I think Kate's Ghost detective will solve other people's murder from the spirit realm w/o necessarily taking canine form.

  3. Benjie! I forgot all about that dawg!

    TB is right--I was trying to foist this idea on her and some other pals earlier. I mentioned beetlejuice and turned out I wasn't the only one who didn't love that movie.

  4. Tracy MacNish8:11 AM

    Good idea, Kate, but sorry, no dedication from me - it's not what I write, either.

    Oddly enough, I have a smoking idea for a steamy book, but yet again, that's not what I write. Email me if you want to hear it. And yes, I will also require a heartfelt dedication, should you decide to write it. : )


  5. Ha. Actually that's a cute idea. Not that I have room on my plate, so much, but if I use it, I'll credit you. ;)

  6. Nice idea. It isn't quite what I write, but you never know. :)

  7. sigh. Of course my Muse disagree, so now I have an idea about a ghost detective brewing.


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