Ann's Valentine Card

Ann listened to GWB. I didn't. She sent me this email. Pimpage = Nan tomorrow, Ann today.

G.W. Bush gave a press conference today and (at minute 40:55) he said this:

"...Let's put it this way.... Money...Trumps... (um)... Peace... Sometimes... heh."

Now you can sport this presidential Valentine on a t-shirt, a mug, a hoodie, and more!

This shamelessly promotional, liberal email brought to you with the genuine hope that you're having a great Valentine's Day!

(note to Ann: I want a bumpersticker to cover the spot where I backed into another car.)

EDITED . . .Oh, ah, well. there's the context, as pointed out here.

BUSH: It's an interesting question. One of the problems, not specifically on this issue, just in general, that - let's put it this way: Money trumps peace, sometimes.

In other words, commercial interests are very powerful interests throughout the world. And part of the issue in convincing people to put sanctions on a specific country is to convince them that it's in the world's interest that they forego their own financial interest.

This raises the obvious next question: what evidence do we have that he practices the rules and sacrifices he preaches to the rest of the world? I really do wish someone would leak a conversation or memo or any evidence that Bush has done something to show he believes peace is more important than money--let's see him forgo his own personal financial interest, in particular.


  1. and that's the story of the last six years, ain't it?


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