choice time

I blogged over at romance unleashed. I like the other writer's essay better--I've been stuck in crank mode for a while now.

A happy woman jumping up and down at the gym yesterday was on about how we "choose our moods." I think soon I'll "choose to stop being a pill."

Of course I have no idea what I'll choose instead. Aggressive go-getter? Meek ray of sunshine? Thoughtful philosopher?

What persona should I wear tomorrow? I think I'll aim for Of Course I'm a Very Popular Author, You Silly** for Sunday. I'm part of a group book-signing then, unless I choose the currently popular sick as a dog mode.

**Hey, you can't believe everything you read.


  1. Meek Ray of Sunshine?
    Kate, I don't even know you, yet somehow this one struck me as funny as all get-out!! :)

    Go with "Very Popular Author & Writer of Deliciously Naughty Sex Despite One Cranky Critic"
    Then, go bop the happy 'choose your mood' woman on the nose for me.

  2. i left a note for you back at Dean's challenge,



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