Thursday 13 things (including movies) that did or did not made me sniff

Oh Lordy, the store is gone.. Here are other things that do--or don't, but should--choke me up:

1. I used to pass a high school (years ago we're talking) when the buses left to haul the kids home, and the sight of all those big yellow buses just made me feel all choked up, the way some people feel when they see the flag. A kind of proud to be a part of it thing. Now I have kids who ride those buses, and my only reaction when I see the big yellow line is, "crap. I have to wait forever." No more snivelling.

2. Kiss of the Spiderwoman. For some reason that movie reduced me to such a puddle, I had to wait to leave the theater until long after the credits. That kind of total melt down never happened before with a movie and hasn't since.

3. Charlotte's Web. The book. My husband had never read it so I read it aloud to him when we went on a trip. We got to the end and he had to pull over because we were both snuffling. He wouldn't admit it, though.

4. Casablanca. Did NOT make me cry. I thought what the hell? Why is staying with Lazlo so important? Lazlo's such a weenie he'll lose his spirit to fight a war if his biddy takes off? And why's she letting Rick think for both of them? Picking a restaurant, yeah. Deciding which route to take, sure. But a major life decision? I'd want to at least talk about it. Despite the lack of tears, I love that movie, especially Peter Lorre. I'm going to force my kids to watch it soon.

5. A Mary Balogh book, and I can't remember which one. I've been going through my collection trying to find the one that set me off, and I have no idea. Weird that I'd have to resort to using kleenex (I'm not a big all-out crier) and then forget why I did it.

6. Gone with the Wind. Neither the movie nor the book moved me. I liked them though, way back when. Haven't tried them lately.

7. Dr. Zhivago. I was nearly teary when Gretchen pointed out that the winter scenes had to be fake/sets because there was no steam coming from their mouths. Completely broke the spell, and when I watched the movie again ten years later, I had to point it out to whoever I was watching it with. Oh thanks a lot, she said.

8. The Mating Season by PG Wodehouse. My husband reads Wodehouse aloud sometimes and I think the first time he read the scene with the depressed knock-about cross-talk act made me laugh so hard I cried. Or maybe it was the drunken Esmond and Bertie scene?

9. The Cherry Orchard by Checkov. An amazing production in Boston. Otherwise I wouldn't have succumbed.

10. The last Rumpole story--when I realised there would be no more. He went out beautifully, did Horace, but I got snuffly when I read that story. "The defense rests." Gulp. Turns out I was wrong, thank goodness. Mortimer has done a few since.

11. Titanic did not make even make me misty-eyed. Not sure why, maybe because I've never seen the whole thing in one sitting.

12. October Light by John Gardner. I don't think I even can recall the plot, but I distinctly remember in high school thinking I must be sensitive after all because that book moved me. (I was always looking for signs that I was sensitive. It was important for some reason.)

13. Corn Dog's blog regularly gives me the sniffles, usually because the woman can tell a story like no one else.


  1. Casablanca does not hold up to close inspection. A few years back, I did a good bit of research into this movie, because I wanted to write an SF novel which would essentially be Casablanca -- in Space! And I did write it, but as with any freshman effort the result was a mess. You'll be glad to know, however, that I made Ugarte (Lorre's character) the hero, Laszlo the villain, and Rick an unwitting sap.

    I'm with you on GwtW and Titanic, by the way. I do not see the attraction.

    I'll have a 13 up sometime today. I have three more to go.

  2. I agree on Titanic. I enjoyed it, but I didn't love it, let alone cry. Happy TT!

    Just thinking about Fox and the Hound (Disney) and those little puppy/fox voices at the end... *sob*

  3. Awww, thanks Kate. I hope not too many sniffles. I'm trying to write some funny stuff, mostly.

    I love Casablanca like no person should love a movie but I do take personal offense to Laslo that poker backed instigator.

  4. Hula Girl and I just finished Charlotte's Web. I was reading the last chapter between the sniffs and she was patting me on the back handing me tissue. I'm the sap

  5. I'll guess that the title of the Mary Balogh novel that made you cry was The First Snowdrop.

    Pat Gaffney's To Have and To Hold made me go through half a box of tissues the first time I read it.


  6. I have a girl named Ilsa. My opinion on Casablanca should be pretty obvious.

    And I bawled like a baby during Titanic. Why did it make a billion bucks? Because idiots like me went to see it three times. Don't know why. Just did. But then almost any movie can make me cry. I am such a sap.

  7. Neither Titanic nor Casablanca nor Dr Zhivago nor Kiss of the Spiderwoman nor Gone with the Wind ever managed to make me cry. Dr Zhivago, because I was about ten when I watched it and didn't really get it, plus I don't like Julia Christie. Gone with the Wind, because I happen to think Scarlett is better off without Rhett Butler. Kiss of the Spiderwoman, because I only watched that film once when I was fifteen and thought it was the most boring movie ever, plus the title was obviously false advertising. Titanic, because my father is a shipbuilding engineer and can point out the many factual errors in the film, which makes the sinking unintentionally hilarious. Casablanca didn't make me cry for much the same reasons as you - plus the fact that the Nazis sing the wrong song (should have been the Horst Wessel song, not Wacht am Rhein) annoys the hell out of me.

    However, the Leslie Caron film Lili literally cause me to meltdown so badly that I'm afraid to watch it again. For some reason, I can never get through the original Star Wars trilogy without crying, same with the pilot of the original Battlestar Galactica (the new version just pisses me off). And both the new version of Doctor Who and its spin-off Torchwood have made me cry with unexpected frequency.

  8. Barbara B.10:06 AM

    I've never even been able to watch The Lion King past the opening scenes. I just break down in tears. I'm not usually very emotional but there's something about that kind of story that just tears me up.


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