Ring Around the Rosy Redux

Aya's response to the my post about kids' songs:

I rebuked the "Ring around the rosy" song? Huh? I have the file of you singing the nuthouse song, if you'd like an MP3 or wave file of it.* I think I ended up tracing the nuthouse song back to a 1926 parlor song called “The Lunatic’s Lullaby,” created by Leslie Moore, Johnny Tucker & Edgar Leslie. Say the word and I'll send the parlour-song lyrics to you... Or a condensed version of my research on children's songs, for that matter.***
So the Ring Around The Rosy thing might have been my imagination. We'll get back to you on it after she does some more research. Snopes isn't on the case. We have to dig deeper. Aya (who's visiting) suggests starting with mudcat.org site, which looks like a lovely time-waster. Random lyric look up!
* No, Thanks.

***Yes, please.


  1. Anonymous5:10 AM

    I've always heard the ring around the rosy was abou tthe plague too - putting posys in the pockets and covering oneself with ashes to ward off the disease - but all fall down meaning they died anyway.
    So what is the real scoop on the song???


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