Thursday Thirteen--13 of my sister's pots

This is obviously pimping, but it's also an homage to a sister in a useful trade.

Nan's been a potter for decades. She started when I was a kid--she's older than me. Way older. Yup, yessirree.

Back then, I liked her work, but didn't love it. Her stuff wasn't frou-frou enough for me. It was solid--salt-glazing does that to a pot--and functional, not dainty.

Now I can see that it's way better than dainty-pretty. Nan pots' lines are elegant, like the best haute couture styles. Except I couldn't afford Chanel** and I get most of my Nan pots as presents.

A Nan handle fits my hand perfectly. Her mugs are a perfect weight and the way the rim of the mug feels against my mouth. . .I'm thoroughly spoiled when it comes to coffee. (not to mention the fact that I request mugs that finally hold enough coffee) I will open the dishwasher and pull out and wash a Nan mug if there are only mass-produced cups on the shelves.****

Nan pitchers pour well. Nan teapots have little tea strainers built into them (or mine do) and never slosh hot water when you're pouring out the tea. She learned to make pots in England so she would know from tea.

I was going to take pictures of my shelves of Nan pots but I'm a crappy photographer and the shelves need dusting. AND she now has an online store. So I've just stolen the images that look like pots I own. I own a whole lot more than 13. Did I mention the woman's been potting for a long time? She's branched out to do more than salt-glaze too, although those are still my favorites. I like the pocked blue look.

I don't have one like this vase-y thing, but think it's unusual and goofy so I'll include it.

Note to Nan: if you find this entry and are grateful enough to reward me for pimpage, this isn't a hint. I don't want the vase. I want another mug to replace the one I broke yesterday.


**I'm assuming Chanel is the designer with the simple, elegant lines? If not, how about you assume I know what I'm babbling about when it comes to fashion. We'll do that assume thing together.

****Well, okay, I will also use the "Boneless Chicken Ranch," Mike's "Dr Science, I know more than you do!" mug or my Rosemary mugs.


  1. Oh I love the blue ones!

  2. Those are the most gorgeous gorgeous mugs and teapot! I'm off to Nan's.

  3. I second what corn dog said. I lust after those mugs and teapot. They're stunning. What a talented family you are!

  4. Uh oh. I adore pots and little jars. My husband has banned me from getting new ones because we have the old ones in storage (kids). Beautiful stuff here, Kate! I know you didn't make them -- that's more like a thanks for sharing :)

  5. Oooh. I love pottery. Can I adopt Nan as my sister, too?

    I love the blue teapot - I've got a thing for blue pottery. That teapot is a gorgeous shape and colour. Everything else is gorgeous, too, but the teapot made me drool and icth to touch it.

    I did pottery for a few years as a kid - I'm going to take it up again when I retire.

    Nan probably knows one of favourite quotes, from Soetsu Yanagi, who studied everyday Japanese pottery:

    The special quality of beauty in crafts is that it is a beauty of intimacy…. The beauty of such objects is not so much of the noble, the huge or the lofty, as a beauty of the warm and familiar. Here one may detect a striking difference between the crafts and the arts. People hang their pictures high upon the wall, but they place their objects for everyday use close to them, and take them in their hands.

  6. My sister gave me several pottery gifts from her college years which I treasure. Even the teapot that won't actually pour (the nozzle closed when it was fired). :-) Your sister does beautiful work! Happy TT. Joely

  7. Oh, Kate! Those are absolutely LOVELY. Your sister is hugely talented. :)

    You realize, too, that if you ever start feeling really generous and wanting to buy people prezzies for things like birthdays and such, you've got great options right there... Heh.

    I've always wanted to learn the craft. One of these days I'll do it. When I have spare time.


  8. Anonymous9:13 AM

    How lovely - I visted her store. I'd love to give her work as gifts.
    Will keep her site bookmarked!


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