An Unworthy Cause. Give.

The blogosphere has been the power behind the rise and fall of politicians. Some blogs' writing and images can leave a reader as wrung out and/or mezmerized as the best award-winning books out there. And now . . .

. . . it can get Kris Starr (erotic romance writer and all-around cutie-pie) near-nekkid in below-zero weather. KS, in a pink bikini.

You ask: Why should I pay for that?

The question should be: Why not?

The answer to question two, of course, is that it's hopelessly silly, probably demeaning and there are far worthier causes out there for your hard-earned money.

question three: But when has that ever stopped the power of us bloggers?

Feel the mighty blog force! See Kris's body covered with goosebumps! Eventually, maybe.


  1. Ha.

    Thanks, I think, Kate.

    And really, it's the power of a mere buck or two. Think about it -- do you really want to buy yourself that mochaccino or would you rather see an insanely crazy picture and be able to give thanks that It's Not You?

    The choice is easy, innit? :D

    (I know. God only knows why I'm trying to raise money. Dean's the one who should be doing all the work. I'M the one who might have to wear the damned thing...)

  2. Yeah, huh about sums it up.

    if I had a cute bod like Kris's, I'd be willing to wear that bikini too. Especially if it sold a few books. She worked hard to get that buffitude. Might as well not hide it under anoraks and hobobs and spelunks or whatever they call winter gear up there in Canada.

  3. sxKitten12:14 PM

    Oh, now I wanna get me some hobobs! Sadly, Spring has sprung in my little corner of the Great White North, so hobobitude shall have to wait til next winter.

  4. Huh what?

    Is that because I'm being confusing, or is it the whole "bikini in winter" thing?

    I's confuzzled.

    ps. Thanks for the compliments, Kate!

    And I think I've got a spelunk or two in the closet. Don't forget your toque, either! :)

  5. No, it wasn't a "Huh" of confusion because there wasn't a question mark following it.

    It was more like, "Well, okay then."

  6. toque. That's the thing I couldn't remember.


  7. What the heck are hobobs? I had to look up what a mochaccino was too. I'm so out of it. I paid my $2 for the weasel bikini freeze off. I'm in or down or whatever the lingo is. If I had a good bod, I'd wear a bikini like that too, instead the only thing I can wear those things for is mule blinders. I'm the mule and the bikini is the blinders.

  8. Guess what the bikini...blinders, oh mule blinders will be down the beach!


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