I woke up depressed about my writing career (specifically how few copies of my books you people are buying) but found Beth had sent a one of the best snarky notes ever about my latest cover and that cheered me right up. I wish I could post all of the comments I've gotten about the cover (YMCA! YMCA!). But really, I should be pushing the book, right? I should be waxing enthusiastic.

Consider the enthusiastic all waxed and buffed. Speaking of being in the buff. Here's the new cover!

Reason number 3 I should cheer up about my writing career: I may not be selling books but at least I remember to put on clothes when I go to work.

And here's the description of IRRATIONAL AROUSAL:

That guy you glanced at…the one you thought was so gorgeous. What do you do when you’re suddenly seeing what he’s seeing, feeling what he’s feeling, and it’s all hot, sweaty and very R-rated?

Gia’s life takes a turn for the bizarre when she develops a connection with construction worker Will, and the connection is all sexual. Not only can she see and sense his fantasies, he can visit hers too. And for two strangers, they begin to have some pretty intimate daydreams about each other. Anger, and concern about the sudden onset of shared insanity, are thrust to the wayside when Gia and Will finally meet and find that even outside the fantasies, they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Some kind of weird lust is driving them—to mutually orgasmic results. While Gia’s loving it, Will just wants a normal life, but soon realizes they might never turn down the heat and return to normal again. And craziness aside, does he really want the “cure” if it means losing Gia?


  1. Hubba hubba book cover!!
    Aw, don't be depressed *sniff*


  2. Congrats, Kate!! Looks awesome! :)

  3. Very pretty!

    But, um, is there a reason he's wearing a hard hat but nothing else? That can't be safe at a building site...

  4. Anonymous1:07 PM

    If you read it fast it looks like Irritational Arousal. That might explain the lack of clothing. Probably he's more comfortable that way.


  5. snickering at jmc and anonymous.

    This cover is almost as good as this one for the snark.

  6. Wait, Is that hat photoshopped in?


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